Anike Ekina is probably Germany's best-known firefighter. She lives near Hamburg, is a passionate musician, D-Jane and at the same time a successful influencer. More than 1.6 million people follow Anike, who, in addition to music, also shares topics such as lifestyle, food and sport with her followers. She has been in front of the camera for various film projects, is working on her first album and is playing alongside a world star in the Guru Josh Project "Infinity 2008". At the same time, she completed distance learning as a personal trainer and nutritionist, designed her own fashion collection and campaigned against bullying with "CAMP STAHL" Stop bullying! and in the fire department. In addition to her social media activities, sports and music are among her absolute passions. Most recently she won the VENUS Award 2022: The Oscar of the erotic industry went to the 36-year-old in the category "Best Erotic Live Saxophone Performance".